Eaton’s BR and CH plug-on neutral (PON) portfolio is the latest step in the evolution of Eaton’s line of residential loadcenters and circuit breakers. Redesigned with customer feedback in mind, the plug-on neutral loadcenter and breaker offering is built to improve the safety and ease of installation, while reducing installation time and offering a more professional look and feel.

Features & benefits

The enhancements made to the plug-on neutral offering help ensure a quick, easy, and clean installation. Every new feature integrated into the redesign addresses one or more of these three benefits – quick, easy, and clean. Some of the new features include: • Short-body redesign of BR electronic breakers to optimize gutter space and save time with easier, more succinct installation • LED diagnostic standard on BR electronic breakers for faster troubleshooting • Inboard neutral to increase gutter space for easier installation of conductors • Backed-out neutral screws to allow for quick connection of ground and neutral conductors • Common drive types on screw connections help to reduce installation time • Industry exclusive self-leveling tabs for a quick drywall offset • Keyhole hanging feature on cover provides ease of installation • Embossed circuit numbers for a clean, professional look.

Eaton BR CH Plug-on neutral